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Ying Yi Wu

Ying Yi is an interdisciplinary artist that works in the field of performance art and visual art. Her works move through disciplines. Working with movement and all the senses, she pursues a research-based practice that manifests in a range of media, from visual arts, dance-theater performances, scenographic happenings to immersive installations.

In her perception, the world is a constant movement between what is present and what is implied but absent. Her visual artworks take on an unconventional perspective of rituals. The healing nature is unspokenly present thorough her research process. She collects and creates visual languages and cultures by playing with the botanical materials that nature provides. She finds her source of inspiration in nature, in Chinese mythology, and in the human body.

Ying Yi has roots in China and graduated from Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design - Scenography at HKU(Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht) in 2018. She also has a background in Choreography and Landscape design.

Want to know Ying Yi’s vision of practicing dry flowers art?

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Expo (with dry flowers):
Sep 10th - Oct 30th, 2022
'Knuffel', Bibliotheek Neude Utrecht, part of art route 'Care Full' organised by 'Art Utrecht'.

March 4th - May 30th, 2022
‘There you are’, HKU X, Solo show.

Feb 2th - Feb 25th, 2022
‘Burgemeestersportret van Jan van Zanen’, Stadhuis Utrecht, Group show.

Expo (without dry flowers):
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Performance/Installation (without dry flowers):
If you are up for a tea talk.