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Ying Yi Wu

Ying Yi Wu is a visual artist, experience designer, and artistic researcher actively creating work in the field of visual art and performance art. By taking on an unconventional perspective of healing rituals, Ying Yi creates visual impressions as well as sensory experiences with the flowers and other botanical materials that nature provides. With her source of inspiration in nature, in Chinese mythology, and in the human body, she is keen in translating her work into universal understanding about creating, transforming and healing.

In her perception, the world is a constant movement between what is present and what is implied but absent. By crossing the boundary between the present and mythical time, Ying Yi employs (scenographic) spatial and sensory approaches to the means of communication towards the public. Her research project is often beyond visual presentation, expanded toward spatial embodiment and choreography of rituals of spectatorship. She connects her creative practices with social dimensions of public well-being and collective healing.

Ying Yi Wu has roots in China, where mountains and rivers are indispensable landscape in her youth. Based in the Netherlands since 2016, she holds an MA in Fine Art and Design - Scenography at HKU (Hogeschool voor de kunsten Utrecht) in 2018. Ying Yi Wu also has a background in Choreography and Landscape design.

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Education / Programme:

  • September 2016 - September 2018
    HKU University of the Arts, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
    MA degree in Fine art and design - Scenography.
  • September 2009 - July 2013
    Jiangxi Agricultural University, Nanchang, China.
    Bachelor in Landscape design.
  • Summer school
    2019 Medical Humanities, De Nieuwe Utrechtse School.

Exhibition (with dry flowers):

  • 2024
    • January 18th - January 21st
      ‘Creating Life ’, Solo show, Gastatelier De Pionier, Amersfoort
  • 2023
    • May 2th - May 25th
      ‘Re-Union’, Solo show, Stadhuis Utrecht.
    • March 18th - May 15th
      ‘Lucky Rabbit’, part of art route ‘De Wijk In’ organised by ‘ZIMIHC theater Utrecht’, De krakeling Utrecht.
  • 2022
    • Sep 10th - Oct 30th
      ‘Knuffel/Hug/拥抱’, part of art route CareFull organised by Stichting Art Utrecht, Bibliotheek Neude Utrecht.
    • March 4th - May 30th
      ‘There you are’, Solo show, HKU X, Utrecht.
    • Feb 2th - Feb 25th
      ‘Burgemeestersportret van Jan van Zanen’, Group show, Stadhuis Utrecht.

Performance (with dry flowers):

  • 2023
    • September 9 & 10
      ‘EaT mY arT’, part of Uitfeest Utrecht 2023, curated by HKU MAFA alumni MSP(Mutual Support Platform), Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons.
    • July 14 — 16
      ‘Be my Guest’, part of NNNFAIR 2023, curated by Non Native Native, Framer Framed Amsterdam.
    • April 12th
      ‘Dry flower food art - A fresh memory with Osmanthus’, part of art route ‘De Wijk In’ organised by ZIMIHC, ZIMIHC theater Wittevrouwen.


  • 2023
    • ‘Creating Life’@K.F.Hein Fonds, het Cultuurfonds, Gemeente Amersfoort and Voordekunst.
  • 2022
    • ‘Knuffel/Hug/拥抱’ @ CareFull, Gemeente Utrecht and Stichting Art Utrecht (Mondriaan fonds).
    • ‘There you are’, Gemeente Utrecht.


  • 2023 - 2024
    • ‘Creating Life’, gastatelier De Pionier, Amersfoort. Made possible by K.F. Hein Fonds in collaboration with De Plaatsmaker and Gemeente Amersfoort.

Exhibition (without dry flowers):

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Performance/Installation (without dry flowers):

If you are up for a tea talk.


Public events:

  • 2023 Open atelier | Artist-in-residence | Gastatelier De Pionier | @ K.F.Hein Fonds
  • 2023 Stand-up Comedy | ‘Be my Guest’ | NNNFair 2023 | Framer Framed Amsterdam
  • 2023 One-to-one tea ceremonies | ‘Living Together Apart’ | Tour 2 @ De Kargadoor
  • 2023 Stand-up Comedy | ‘Living Together Apart’ | Culturele Zondagen: Catch of the day | De Kargadoor
  • 2023 One-to-one tea ceremonies | ‘Living Together Apart’ | Tour 1 @ Casco Art Institute
  • 2023 One-to-one tea ceremonies | Winter Burendag | Johannescentrum Utrecht
  • 2022 Opening ritual of expo ‘Knuffel’ | Interactive performances | Bibliotheek Neude
  • 2022 One-to-one tea ceremonies of expo ‘Knuffel’ | Intimate dialouges | Bibliotheek Neude
  • 2022 One-to-one tea ceremonies of expo ‘There you are’ | A special opening during the corona time | HKU
  • 2022 Guided tour of expo ‘Knuffel/Hug/拥抱’ | HKU Talk ‘Because we care’ | Bibliotheek Neude