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One-to-one traditional Chinese tea ceremony

Experience / Performance / Ritual
Multiple choices, Limited spots

'Be my Guest: One-to-one traditional Chinese tea ceremonies' take place during NON NATIVE NATIVE FAIR 2023 (14 - 16 July) at:

Framer Framed Amsterdam
Oranje-Vrijstaatkade 71
1093 KS Amsterdam


"I had never experienced a Chinese tea ceremony before. The ritual introduced me to a new way of tasting the complexity in layers of flavour. Talking with Ying Yi about becoming bicultural provoked me to think about the growing and shifting of layers in a person’s identity, and gave me an interesting look at where I grew up ‘from the outside in’."

- Jacky

"I enjoyed experiencing the Chinese tea ceremony. Tea is a common drink in the UK, but we have a much different way of drinking (with milk and sugar), and tea is seen in a different context. It was interesting to gain an insight into the traditional way of drinking tea and experiencing part of Chinese culture."

- Alex

"The tea ceremony was a great experience to become more aware of the senses. I learned to pay attention to the process of slowing down. This mindful activity helped me to gain a new perspective on how to enjoy drinking tea and having a mindful conversation."

- Linda