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🐍 Creating Life: Artist-in-residence @K.F.Hein Fonds

By crossing the border between the present and mythical time, I want to create a spatial and sensory exhibition by researching the intrinsic relevance between the mythical stories of 'NΓΌ Wa' and our contemporary society.

As a female hybrid figure, 'NΓΌ Wa' is the ancestor, the embodiment of nature, and the origin of 'creating life' in Chinese mythology. I find it fascinating that despite its mythical past, there are still folks who worship 'NΓΌ Wa' through various rituals. With the iconography of the face of the woman and the body of the snake, her status is steadily regarded as the creation of humanity.

Thanks to the nice offer from K.F.Hein Fonds in collaboration with De Plaatsmaker and the Gemeente Amersfoort, I can use the space of the guest studio De Pionier for free (from October 1, 2023 to January 31, 2024) to realise Creating Life.

πŸ’‘ To cover the costs for my very first sensory exhibition (January 18 β€” 21, 2024) at De Pionier, I initiate the crowdfunding project via Voordekunst. You can find more detailed information about Creating Life via the link:

Would you like to contribute to my very first sensory exhibition Creating Life? How much you donate is of your choice. I have an interesting reward for every choice. (The campaign runs till November 29th, 2023.)