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Opening: Expo ‘Knuffel’ (Hug) 拥抱 / Bibliotheek Neude /Care Full / Art manifestation Art Utrecht 900

‘Knuffel’ (Hug), 2022, site-specific artwork.
Dry flowers, transparent canvas.

From September 10th to October 30th, 2022, my upcoming expo ‘Knuffel’(Hug) will take place in Bibliotheek Neude Utrecht. With the lights of Utrecht 900 years of city rights, ‘Knuffel’ (Hug) is part of the art route initiated by Stichting Art Utrecht in the frame of art manifestation ‘Care Full’.

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Knuffel / Hug / 拥抱
'Hug' is nonverbal communication. It can be a verb or a noun.
To ‘Hug’ or give a ‘Hug’.
‘Hug’ me or give me a ‘Hug’.
For me, it’s both an action and a phenomenon.
Let’s call it an active phenomenon.

‘Hug’ is a physical gesture and movement that encompass psychological intention and reaction. It often occurs when people do greetings or say goodbye, but not necessarily. The circumstances of a ‘hug’ can vary in different cultures. The way to hug is also merged into different forms due to cultural preferences and personal relationships. It shows familiarity, love, affection, friendship, sisterhood, brotherhood, flirting, and sympathy.

Could you imagine hugging each other is such a good medicine without side effects?
They say eating an apple a day can keep the doctor away, but maybe we don’t need the apple if we hug each other every day.

But, what if you are with yourself? Or there are not so many circumstances when you hug someone else? Can we still ‘hug’?

The answer is Yes. We can hug ourselves. That’s how my artwork ‘Knuffel’ is about ‘Self-Hugging’. It might seem awkward or odd to do a ‘self-hugging’. But, giving yourself a hug actually can replicate the feelings when we hug each other, like relieving feelings of anxiety and soothing the nervous system. Instead of waiting for someone else to make you feel better, hugging yourself can help remind you of your own power. Because you are the first one to hold, appreciate and care for yourself.

‘Self-hugging’ is actually a simple and effective way to give care to yourself and to re-establish a compassionate relationship with your body.

The artwork ‘Knuffel’ / Hug / 拥抱 is a composition based on my research around ‘Hug’.
Have you ever seen the stories of 'hug' made of dry flowers?
Wanna be surprised?

Join us for the opening.
Please sign up no later than September 14th, 2022.
(Ps: The maximum capacity is 30 people)

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Supported by Art Utrecht, Bibliotheek Utrecht and Gemeente Utrecht.