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Guided Tour: Solo expo ‘Re-Union’ / Dry flower art / Stadhuis Utrecht

Expo ‘Re-Union’ is available to visit from May 2rd to May 25th, 2023 at Stadhuis Utrecht. The entrance is free. More info via:

Expo ‘Re-Union’ is an urgent call for attention to our familiarity with nature and our belonging to nature.

Want to know more stories behind ‘Re-Union’ and the craftwomanship ‘Dry flower art’?

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With the exhibition ‘Re-Union’, I research the relationship between nature and human beings. With the rapid development of technology and escalation of climate crisis, I feel the urgency to reflect upon our relationship with (our) nature. During the corona lockdown, I had more space and time to wonder in nature and to contemplate by myself. 'Dry flower art' became my tangible way of expression and reflection.

Through the making process, I search for an active exchange of knowledge with nature by embracing the given color and shape of each petal. I collect and create visual as well as sensory languages and cultures by playing with the botanical materials that nature provides. I draw inspiration from my cultural background as well as my contemporary spiritual experiences. I find my source of inspiration in nature, in Chinese mythology, and in the human body.