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‘Living Together Apart’ / One-to-one traditional Chinese tea ceremonies / Open Pre-research + Offline crowdfunding / Tour 2@De Kargadoor

I am excited to continue my pre-research of ‘Living Together Apart’ by reflecting on own cultural identities first at ‘De kargadoor’. ‘Living Together Apart’ is my upcoming artistic research project that sheds light on (young)adults who are identified with ‘bi-culture’. Many people think that cultural identities are given and mostly related to a legal document. But it’s not that simple.

I came to the Netherlands from China to study art, and after a few years of living and integrating into the local culture and language, I have adopted part of the Dutch culture in my identity. To give one simple example: I become way more direct than before. I feel the urgency to research the societal subject around ‘migration’ and ‘cultural identities’. Cultural identities are connected with many happenings. Migration plays an essential rol that we need to look at cultural identities in a different light.

In order to cover the production costs of ‘Living Together Apart’, I initiate this offline crowdfunding by inviting you for one-to-one traditional Chinese tea ceremonies in exchange for a small donation. Every tea ceremony takes about 30 minutes. You will be served with special flowers tea. You can also ask about my pre-research during the tea ritual.

Sign up for a one-to-one traditional Chinese tea ceremony

(Language: EN + NL + CN)

Are you simply interested in a special experience of a traditional Chinese tea ceremony? Do you want to support this research project because you find it socially relevant? Do you want to give more space for (young) adults with bi-cultural backgrounds to express their voices?

Do you want to support ‘Living Together Apart’ anyway without experiencing a traditional Chinese tea ceremony? That’s possible! You can reach me via

(One-to-one traditional Chinese tea ceremonies on April 23th, 2023 is also part of the program of ‘Culturele Zondagen’ organised by De kargadoor.)

Sign up for a one-to-one traditional Chinese tea ceremony