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Tea Ceremony: Expo ‘Kunffel’ (Hug) 拥抱 / Bibliotheek Neude / Care Full / Art manifestation Art Utrecht 900

‘Knuffel’ (Hug), 2022, site-specific artwork.
Dry flowers, transparent canvas.

Duration: September 10th, 2022 - October 30th, 2022

After the opening event of my expo ‘Knuffel’ (Hug), I would love to engage in one-to-one tea talks again. With all the intention for sensory experiences and the attention for sharing and caring. I will host a series of tea ceremonies with traditional Chinese tea sets and special flowers tea.

We can talk about the stories behind my artwork and the theme ‘Hug’.
I am also curious about your thoughts and insights.

Wanna join?
Reserve your spot within the timetable.
Every tea talk will take around 30 minutes.

Sign up for the tea ceremony

Supported by Art Utrecht, Bibliotheek Utrecht and Gemeente Utrecht.