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September 17th, 2022 | 13:00 - 14:00 | Opening @ Podium, Bibliotheek Neude

Knuffel / Hug / 拥抱
‘Knuffel’ is physically present on the second floor of Bibliotheek Neude. The public can visit ‘Knuffel’ without buying a ticket from September 10th, 2022 till October 30th, 2022. ‘Knuffel’ is also part of art route organised by Stichting Art Utrecht in the frame of art manifestation ‘Care Full’ (

The artwork ‘Knuffel’ is delicately connected to a big glass window with a beautiful skyline of Utrecht. During the exhibition period, I organise as well as participate a few special events around ‘Knuffel’. I host the opening and a series of one-to-one tea ceremonies on September 17th, 2022. On October 18th, 2022, I give a tour within HKU Talk ‘Because We Care’. (

I am present by ‘Knuffel’ once a week to observe how people react on my artwork and to interact with them by initiating small talks. I have received many positive and warm feedback from the public with different cultural backgrounds through these meaningful events.


In respond to the theme ‘Care’, I did research about ‘Hug’. I am fascinated by ‘Hug’ because it’s a universal and non-verbal communication. More info about my research:

During the opening, I set up a series of rituals around the subject ‘Hug’ and introduce my practice with dry flower art. (Timeline — Backwards)

Opening encounter 1 | Meet the Artwork
The last moments I guide the public to my artwork ‘Knuffel’.

Opening encounter 2 | Spoken word for the toast
"I am speechless,
The weather is ridiculous.
Have you heard about the news?
On a Saturday quiz!
The way they talk about refugees, economics, and politics.

Shut down! Shut down the radio!
Take a look, take a look in the mirror.
I see flowers and trees.
Nature that is forgotten on the news.

I give myself a hug,
I give myself another hug,
I give myself more hugs...
Yes, this feels right!
After years of longing for something else,
I find myself back in the forgotten lives of the flowers.
Do they die, or do they dry?
Do I care, or do you care?"

Opening encounter 3 | Dance Performance
I present a short dance that is inspired by a few key words of my research and making process: Self-Hugging, Flowers, Time, Repetition, Tree, Glowing and Drying.

Opening encounter 4 | Take a piece of my art home
I make specially cards with dry flowers for the guests to take. Every card is unique, as well as every petal.

Opening encounter 5 | Introduction of ‘Knuffel’ and ‘Dry Flower Art’
I explain my research process of ‘Knuffel’ step by step, as well as the philosophy and stories behind my dry flower art. I share my fascination, my progress and my vision with the guests.