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Dry flower art | Oshibana | 押花艺术 | Droogbloemen kunst

Exhibition ‘Re-Union’ is an urgent call for attention to our familiarity with nature and our belonging to nature.
With the rapid development of technology and escalation of climate crisis, I feel the urgency to reflect upon our relationship with (our) nature. During the corona lockdown, I had more space and time to wonder in nature. ‘Dry flower art’ became my tangible way of expression and reflection. It is the art of working with pressed flowers and other botanical materials to get a complete picture of these natural elements.

I get inspiration from my cultural background as well as my bodily experiences. Time and movement play significant roles. Through the making process, I search for an active exchange of knowledge with nature by embracing the given color and shape of each petal. The ritual of making offers me a different view of death, the ritual in (our) nature. It helps me cope better with the fear that we will eventually die, and discover the beauty of the circle of lives in the cosmic. )

(‘Re-Union’ Opening @Stadhuis Utrecht)