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September 17th, 2022 | 15:00 - 17:00 | One-to-one tea ceremonies @ Podium, Bibliotheek Neude

With the intention for sensory experiences with smell, taste, and movement, I host a series of tea ceremonies with traditional Chinese tea sets. The philosophy of traditional Chinese tea ritual corresponds to my dry flower art practice. Time and healing play essential roles.

Every tea ceremony takes around half an hour. The guests are intrigued by the movement of my gesture, for example: how I serve the tea, the movement when I pour the tea, why I turn the tea upside down. I also receive questions about my artistic choice around ‘Knuffel’. Every tea ritual is unique experience for me. There are many beautiful moments during the ritual. We share the thoughts, emotions and care.

I chose this special way of encountering the public not only to emphasis my philosophy of dry flower art practice, but also to engage with the guest by intimate and open dialogue.