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Opening encounter 1
The spectators look at my artwork through a big glass window.

It was a warm day with calm and deep conversations.

The lady with a flowery dress reserved a spot for a tea session with me. She was enthusiastic to ask me more questions after our tea ritual.

Photo by @manon_sas

Opening encounter 2
Tea Talk

  • 10 visitors from 20 to 70 years old.
  • both local and international.
  • 10 talks through traditional tea rituals.
  • 10 gifts were given.

If I recall the opening day, it was intense to initiate 10 conversations with 10 different people in a row. But I feel it was a valuable experience. During the tea ritual, thoughts were exchanged, emotions were shared, questions were answered, and wishes were given. The time that I spent with each visitor was completely different, which made it intense but inspiring.

Photo by @manon_sas

Supported by Gemeente Utrecht